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Airvac & Hydrovac Excavation - Soil Bag & Purge Water Disposal - G & R Envirocore
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Airvac & Hydrovac Excavation

vacmaster4000.jpgG&R Remediation / Envirocore is pleased to offer safe reliable excavating services utilizing it's Air/Hydro Vacuum unit. This revolutionary method of excavation is not only safer than traditional water based hydrovac systems, but is also less likely to cause unwanted damage to the items being excavated.

Although we feel air should be a first option in daylighting, hydrovac is sometimes the only option. This is why Envirocore offers full hydrovac services as well as the added air on our units.

Air VS. Water

Even though Air/Hydro Vacuum Excavation Systems all have water on board for those infrequent times when you can't pothole with air, tests reveal that water is far more destructive than previously thought. The results are surprising, conclusive and damning. What's more, water is actually most dangerous at distances further away from the cable than anyone anticipated. In addition, using air allows us to backfill with vacuumed material or utilize soil bags for disposal, versus the expensive option of hydrovac slurry disposal.


Unseen Damage

Even when no apparent damage can be seen from above, there is often latent damage. Water abrades the shielding on cables, opening up pores and cracks allowing moisture and temperature extremes to deteriorate what you are trying to protect.

How Our Air/Hydro Vacuum Excavation Systems Work

The basic difference between air and water is that even though both are fluids, one is a gas and compressible while the other is a liquid and non-compressible. When air hits something solid like a buried cable,, it compresses and flows around it. Conversely, water, being non-compressible will try to slice through the cable. In fact high-pressure water is used in manufacturing to cut steel plate.

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